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Thinking About a Real Estate Career?

Family Real Estate

Your Success Begins Here

Perhaps more than any other profession, real estate is the domain of the motivated entrepreneur. Real estate is led and dominated by savvy, talented people with a commitment to personal service and a drive to succeed.


If doing things you enjoy each day and earning a great income while having control over your schedule equals a fabulous career to you — then you are in the right place. Take some time to explore the many tools on our site designed to help you make choices to enhance your career.

Step 1

Complete the required pre-licensing education credit hours as outlined by your state:

Get a New Hampshire
Real Estate License

40 hours

Get a Maine

Real Estate License

55 hours

Step 2

Complete a prep class

Not everyone does this, but it is recommended, as in most cases it provides an outline of what to expect when taking the real estate licensing exam in your state.

Step 3

Apply, take and pass the real estate licensing exam

Now that you are prepared, you can schedule and take your licensing exam. Typically, this is administered in a testing center, and you get the results right away.

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