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Module 5 Maine Sales Home Study



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Module 5 Maine Sales Home Study

TOPICS:Closings Miscellaneous Federal and State Laws Governing Real EstateGOALS:As a result of completing this module, the student will be able to: A. Calculate funds needed to close for the buyer. B. Calculate the seller’s net proceeds from a closing. C. Explain a Loan Estimate. D. Recognize settlement documents. E. Prepare the buyer and seller for the closing. F. Explain The Real Estate Settlement Procedures Act. G. Complete a Buyer Cost and a Seller Proceeds Sheet. H. Explain the Foreign Investment In Real Property Tax Act. I. List the protected classes under Federal and State Fair Housing Laws. J. Discuss prohibited activities under Fair Housing Laws. K. Summarize exemptions to Fair Housing Laws. L. Discuss block busting and steering. M. Explain the Americans with Disabilities Act. N. Summarize Anti-Trust Laws. O. List triggering terms and required disclosures under Truth In Lending Regulation Z. P. Explain tax ramifications of real estate ownership. Q. Discuss various marketing controls.

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