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The Real Estate Institute of New England was founded in the belief that quality real estate education should be interesting, fun, and prepare students for the current real estate landscape.

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    REIofNE instructors are deeply experienced and highly skilled, providing exceptional guidance and knowledge to their students.

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    REIofNE delivers outstanding content and course material, ensuring a comprehensive and valuable learning experience for all participants.

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    REIofNE's mission is to provide personalized support and resources to help you thrive in your real estate education.

Hear From Our Graduates

“Steve is a great teacher! I heard of people having to retake their national and state but I had to retake the course, I finished the self study in a few days. I am a slow learner but, a week later I scheduled my exam and passed. I had Steve in my head the entire exam”

Christina Truly

“The course was conducted on time and in a professional manner. The instructor was knowlegeable and well organized. It was a good learning experience and I can highly recommend the Real Estate Institute to others. Ken.”

Ken Twaddel

“Elaine Richter is one of the best instructors, is very knowledgeable and keeps her classes engaged. I never miss an opportunity to be in one of her classes.”

Susan Dube

“This class was incredibly informative and the instructors were fantastic. I would highly recommend this class for anyone seeking a career in real estate.”

Kate Carey

“Excellent course with a lot of relevant details on the different generations as well as reverse mortgages, tax planning and probate.”

Bill Ingersoll

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The Real Estate Institute of New England (formerly Arthur Gary School of Real Estate) was established in 1991. Today, we continue expanding our real estate licensing curriculum and geographic footprint throughout all of New England.

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